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Welcome to the Danish universities' joint application portal DANS.

Select how you want to log in:

In order to use the portal, you must log in using one of the following:

  • If you want to log in using NemID, select 'Log in with NemID'.
  • If you already have a login at a Danish university, select 'Log in via institutional login', then select your university in the WAYF list.
  • If you have previously created a user account at this portal, select 'Log in as self-registered user'.

Important! Remember to use the same login in the future, so that you can find your applications again as they are identified by the email address that is transferred with your login information.

It is regrettably not yet possible to use MitID.

Protection of personal data:
To process your application Roskilde University will receive your personal data. You can read about how we process them and about your rights in that regard here: intra.ruc.dk/en/studentspersonalinformation

If you do not have NemID:

Primarily for foreign applicants without NemID:

If you don't have NemID or a login at a Danish university, you can register as a user here. Use a personal email address which you will always have access to.